IIM Kozhikode Faculty Recruitment Portal

IIM Kozhikode is actively looking for scholars who would develop into capable and dependable management thinkers and would contribute to relevant knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination.IIM Kozhikode faculty members are entitled to an annual Cumulative Professional Development Allowance of Rs. 100,000. The Institute also has a generous rewards mechanism through which its faculty members have an opportunity to earn up to Rs. 40,00,000 in a year in the form of a Professional Development Fund, of which up to Rs. 30,00,000 in a year can be encashed. Newly-joined faculty members are also exempted from meeting the minimum faculty workload requirements during the initial two years of their career at Institute.
Moreover, research-active faculty members, at various stages of their career, are regularly appointed as Chair Assistant/Chair Associate/Chair Professor, which comes with additional annual research funding and lower teaching requirements. All IIM Kozhikode faculty members are eligible for small, medium and large research grants that provide up to Rs. 100,000, Rs. 300,000 and Rs. 600,000 funding for every successful project, respectively.
The IIM Kozhikode also adheres to the relevant Government of India employee benefits concerning leave and expenses due to travel, medical, education and relocation. In addition, IIM Kozhikode employees are entitled to avail cashless medical treatment in some the top-rated NABH accredited hospitals in Kerala. The Institute faculty recruitment page will time again display our current faculty requirements and through our faculty recruitment process we eagerly look forward to engaging with the research community.


Faculty Recruitment portal