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IIMK-NCW Join Hands to Launch Professional Programme for Early-Stage Women Entrepreneurs
Foundation and Advanced online Programmes for women entrepreneurs in English/Malayalam.
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What is Social Innovation?

  • India is home to diverse social settings evolving over time. This has given rise to complex social problems demanding innovative solutions in the face of institutional barriers.
  • Social innovation that gives rise to these solutions therefore are also diverse and unique.
  • An understanding and dissemination of such social innovations can benefit societies globally in solving their problems.

Centre Repository

The Centre undertakes research in diverse areas of social innovation. Some of these include social innovation challenges in the wake of Covid-19, social innovation as manifest in Community Based Organisations (CBOs), socio-technical innovations, social innovations and startups.

Expected outputs include research papers, research and teaching cases, book chapters and also immersion program designs for training programs.


CESI will curate the knowledge of social innovation in India and offer it to the world as part of IIM Kozhikode’s overall vision of Globalizing Indian Thought.


CESI intends to undertake impactful research to synthesise knowledge of social innovation as available from practice for achieving the dual purpose of contributing to theory on social innovation as also help in its application in different contexts.


In the short term, CESI wants to evolve into a rich repository of social innovation practices in India through its research and publications. In the longer term it hopes to create an international network of researchers, policy makers and practitioners so as to use its knowledge base to impact areas of research, teaching, training and policy making that involve social innovation. One of the first objectives being to sensitize graduating MBAs to social innovation and its opportunities whether in corporate, government or philanthropy.


Centre Activities

IIMK-NCW Join Hands to Launch Professional Programme for Early-Stage Women Entrepreneurs

Expert Talks/Workshops

Organise expert talks and workshops on topics of social innovation, currently in webinar mode, with experts in social innovation, practitioners, government officials and policy planners participating. Arrange for few special events to commemorate 25 years of setting up of IIMK. Organise conference on social innovation

Certificate Program in the Management of Social (CPMSI) Initiatives

Initiatives were envisioned as a vehicle of nurturing women change makers by giving them conceptual grounding on the three pillars of social initiatives namely corporate social responsibility, not-for-profit work and social entrepreneurship. The first program was designed for the Naval Wives Welfare Association (NWWA, Southern Region) of the Indian Navy.

Practice Fellowship

Practice Fellowship is offered to those who completed the certificate program- CPMSI, as a vehicle for ongoing mentoring and peer learning. The Practice Fellowship comprises an Ideation Stage and an Accomplishment stage to enable the participant to get closer to starting their own social initiative (each of six months duration).


Centre Members

Dr. Priya Nair Rajeev

priya@iimk.ac.in [0495-2809439]

Dr. Sumit Mitra

smitra@iimk.ac.in [0495-2809108]

Dr. Simy Joy

simyjoy@iimk.ac.in [0495-2809425]


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