Who we are

Centre for Governance is an initiative of IIMK dedicated to doing rigorous and impactful research on Governance. We envision an inter-disciplinary approach to solve complex policy problems and translate academic research into evidence-based governance practice. Our research blends inputs from cutting-edge developments in leadership, public policy, management, strategy and business. In partnership with bureaucrats, government agencies, non-government organizations, policy advocacy groups and regulatory institutions, we perform robust research aiming at the sustainable transformation of governance systems in the country. With our multi-disciplinary expertise we intend to disseminate knowledge, share best practices and collaborate with its counterparts across the globe, to pursue excellence in the governance arena.

Our Vision

To develop and operationalize a policy agenda that maintains the highest standards of governance.

From the Director's Desk

"India’s transformation in the last few decades, in the context of a globalized, decentralized and liberalized world, aspires a significant jump in the level of governance standards. The technological advancement should be complemented with the capacity building of decision-makers and creating new platforms for collaborative learning. The creation of the Centre for Governance is in line with IIMK’s vision to create a unique and futuristic space of global reckoning so as to nurture the finest management thinkers. It contributes to the IIMK mission by integrating concepts with applications and values thereby contributing towards community development. The centre is envisaged to be a reference centre to espouse governance thinking and help organizations ameliorate their governance apparatus. CG is a confluence of thinkers, administrators, teachers and those involved in our mission to globalize the finest insights on governance for a changing world order. Wish you a great learning experience!"

- Dr.Debashis Chatterjee


Governance studies is an interdisciplinary area with remarkable relevance in the contemporary debates on management, policy and social sciences. We present some of the influential theories of Governance through our 'Theories of Governance- Visual Series’.

  • Socio-Cybernetic Approach to Governance
    Introduced by Jan Kooiman through his book 'Governing as Governance', keeping diversity, dynamics, complexity as the key defining characteristics of modern society.

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  • Governing without Government
    R.A.W.Rhodes published his influential paper on 'New Governance' in 1996. He argues that modern governance is more about 'governing the networks'.

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  • Forms of Governance : Collaborative Governance

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  • Forms of Governance: Network Governance

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  • Forms of Governance: Experimental Governance

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Projects and Consulting

Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA)-Training Needs Assessment for IAS Professional Course Phase – I training programme

SEBI-Study on Differences in Free Float and PE Ratio of NSE and BSE

Cases published

  • Varma, H., Poovathingal, J., & Kakani, R.K. (2021). Governing Changes in Government: The Water Story of Mahabubnagar. The Case Journal, 17(4), pp. 542-568. https://doi.org/10.1108/TCJ-02-2021-0032
  • Balasubramanian, G., Marathe, G.M., & Kakani, R.K. (2020). Conflict Management by a Police Leader. SAGE Business Cases. SAGE Publications Ltd., 10.4135/9781529701210
  • Hanish, M.A., Kakani, R.K., & Marathe, G.M. (2020) Can Rakesh Acquire Land for a Factory? A Stakeholder Approach. SAGE Business Cases. SAGE Publications Ltd. 10.4135/9781529706611
  • Varma, H.& Kakani, R.K(2021). Don’t let it derail: The District Head’s Dilemma. The Case Journal.17 (3), 2021, pp. 438-455. https://doi.org/10.1108/TCJ-10-2020-0145
  • Kakani, R.K, Ghalke, A & Varma, H. (2021). Pythagoras Global: Emerging Market Funds and the Conundrum of Family Ownership. Richard Ivey School of Business: Ivey Case Publishing. Case going through print proof; forthcoming.

Banyan Tree

Governance Theory and practice-Webinar series
Blending academic theory and praxis from the field

Centre for Governance launched its first event of ‘Banyan Tree’, the Governance: Theory and Practice Series, with a webinar on Data-Driven Governance. Dr. Poornima Dore discussed the relevance and importance of data-driven governance for development goals. She also shared her insights from the field practice and experiences at the Tata Trusts in realizing the Data, Evaluation, Learning, Technology, and Analysis framework (DELTA Framework).

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A case on the Governance of Fisheries in India

Read the concept note

Shri Pramod Krishnan IFS - Webinar on Collaborative Governance organized by Centre for Governance

Dr. Amar K J R Nayak - Webinar on Farmer Producer Organizations: A Systems view to Network Governance

Research Areas

Governance in Public Spaces

We focus on the governance issues of schemes with pan-Indian significance. Our current research comprises a cross country comparative study of governance of Smart Cities Mission in India.

Sports Governance

Governance issues in the sports sector has stayed largely unexplored in India. This research at inception stage hopes to analyse the governance structure of sports and games in India, identify the systemic problems and recommend solutions.


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