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What students say about EPGP?

I joined this course with the hope to understand how the world fits beyond my domain knowledge. Let's just say I received more than what I could bargain for from the capable faculty, my peer group and the case study based teaching pedagogy which would have a variety of real-world scenarios hurled at us which nurtured both adaptive thinking as well as a widerperspective. Apart from this, we have the alumni community which has come to my rescue for more than one occasion

Mark Tharakan - Class of 2021
Sales Constultant

I must say that IIMK MBA Programme (for Working Executives) has made a significant impact and shift in my life when compared to my previous career path. The course has helped to identify my core skills and given me enough confidence to take up roles in other industries. The eminent faculties of IIMK, will guide you to apply management concepts you learn in classes to real time scenarios. You also get to interact and learn from your batch mates from diverse profiles and industries, some of us have even joined hands and pursuing their dreams together post this Programme.

Sankar Vijayan - Class of 2021
Vice President of sales
Mykademy, Ireland

Top course content, HBS case studies, some of the best faculty available in India and abroad, hobnobbing with the best brains around, and a world class incubator programme.... IIMK MBA (for Working Executives) is the creme de la creme amongst MBA programme in the country. HBS case studies, and simulation sessions remarkably similar to real world scenarios, in addition to course content and frameworks I actually implement and use in my occupation, IIMK MBA is the creme de la creme amongst MBA s in the country, no doubt.

Sajan Abraham - Class of 2020
General Manager
Nippon Toyota

I have always believed that purpose of education is to break shackles, and that is exactly what the programme has done for me. The course work was tailor-made, with current examples from local and Global businesses. The brilliantly choreographed business case discussions were something to look forward to. Professors are always accessible and extremely supportive. No limits are set and exploration is encouraged by everyone in the system. Curiousity and attention to the right detail is always rewarded in the programme and it quickly becomes a habit. I left with a much better outlook about the world and a wealth of connections to navigate through it.

Dheeraj Mohan - Class of 2020
Senior Manager

The two year MBA programme (for Working Executives) o~ered by IIMK provided me with invaluable opportunity to be exposed to parts of a business organisation beyond my area of specialisation and get holistic understanding of business world. The stimulation and interactions I had with my professors - who are world class and my classmates -who came from diverse industries, made learning fun, captivating and memorable. It was good to be a student once again after a gap of 12 years and feel blessed to have chosen IIMK for this.

Rakhee R C - Class of 2020
Assistant Director ,

Even though I always wanted to do an MBA course, it did not materialize before for various reasons, the most important one being the need to take a break or some hours o~ my job to do the course. However, after turning into an entrepreneur, I got some additional flexibility in planning my time. And around that time, I also got a chance to review the MBA course (for Working Executives) at IIMK Kochi campus and found it as a compelling proposition, which made me join the course. At the end of the course, I felt so happy that I took that decision as the course brought in a paradigm shift in my whole approach to business. Earlier, I used to do a lot of my business decision making with the help of intuition. The course taught me a scientific and analytical approach to business backed by several proven tools, which can help me take better decisions, thus increasing the chance of success of the business that I am involved in. The applied learning methods used in the course such as case studies, simulations, and projects, and the breadth of extensive class room discussions with active participation from a class full of experienced people from diverse backgrounds really helped the learning.

Unnikrishnan PG - Class of 2020
CEO and co-founder,
Objectmatics Technologies Pvt Ltd

MBA (for Working Executives) at IIMK Kochi Campus was a great learning experience for me. The program helped broaden my personality, outlook towards my profession and management at large. Classroom discussions and learning were unique due to the experienced and knowledgeable Professors and more so due to diverse batchmates in terms of experience and industry. Exposure to the vast and rich alumni network is something that I cherish forever.

Anshad Mohammed - Class of 2020
Project Manager
UST Global
The MBA programme (for Working Executives) at IIMK has been a deflection point in my life and career. The ever dynamic but disruptive nature of modern industrial environment requires someone to continuously learn, unlearn and relearn. The experienced and dedicated faculty, diverse and multi skilled participants, modern and interactive learning programme etc; at IIMK provides the perfect launch pad for managers to move to higher trajectory in the corporate or entrepreneurial world. The great learning experience here helped me to understand and work on my knowledge and skill gaps and provided me the confidence to take up new challenges and higher responsibilities.
Sajeev Joseph - Class of 2016
Senior Vice President & National Operations Manager
Kotak Mahindra Prime Limited.
After the course, I got into many new areas including focusing more on product development. Many areas we covered at IIMK like business analytics and Intelligence are the prime areas I am focusing in my product development. After the course, my whole business has become much more focused with proper planning and execution. One of my concerns before the course was the fear to scale the business. Learning many case studies from large organizations has given the confidence and ideas about how to achieve this.
JJijo G John - Class of 2016
Owner & CEO
Calpine Group
Personally, the course helped me for a paradigm shift in my professional track. My entire 17 years of experience was in techno-functional roles and in Project/ Program Management. This course helped me to deeply understand the importance of People proposition in business growth and gave me the confidence to take up the role of Global Head of HR & Centre of Excellence in SunTec itself. Practical wisdom of our Professors and fellow-participants always made the learning quick and fruitful.
Prakash Nair - Class of 2016
Global Head of HR & Centre of Excellence
SunTec Business Solutions
Pursuing MBA was on top of mind since my first management role, but I did not want to take a break from work. With the MBA programme (for Working Executives) offered by IIMK at Kochi campus I could study full time while working full time. The courses focused on people, community and social enterprises apart from the usual MBA curriculum challenged us to think di~erently about business, our communities and ourselves.
Aswathy Govind - Class of 2016
Business Consultant
The MBA Programme (for Working Executives) at Kochi campus is really a strong interactive school for multidisciplinary working experience and class room learning. In depth knowledge of the faculty, reverse learning from the new generation and electrifying ambiences of business discussions in the classroom make the course contributive in all dimensions. A rejuvenated second career backed with varied perspective and broadened vision from the school will be highly contributive to any type of business.
M S Sebastian - Class of 2017
Business Consultant
Sebanson Business SoluƟons
The MBA Programme (for Working Executives) at Kochi campus is very special to me for a couple of reasons - the academic rigor, the variety of electives letting you person alise the course and experience, the interactive pedagogy, the varied profile of other participants as well as the friendly and knowledgeable professors. The rich network of relationships built during the two years of the course is a bonus and make it truly memorable.
Nitin Nair - Class of 2016
General Manager
Nissan Motors

The change of Government organizations from the conventional bureaucratic mode into a mission driven one is the need of the present day, to meet the challenges in this age of globalization. This requires setting goals with defined strategies. The wide exposure with global perspective which you get from this course would definitely help to mould a vigorous leader in you; a leader with a vision of grandeur if you strive for this change in mode. In my view, value addition, in all sense is guaranteed by this course.
Beena L - Class of 2017
Chief Engineer
Kerala Public Works Department (PWD)
Entrepreneurs may feel that an MBA is not needed in order to lead a company. The IIMK MBA programme (for Working Executives) has added tremendous value to me, both as a person and as an entrepreneur. The 2 years spent on this programme is absolutely worth it!
Arjun Ravindran - Class of 2017
Managing Director
Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt Ltd.
I am sure that young and senior level managers would get new skills, ideas and a new strength of belief in prospective ventures. This is not just about jobs or about moving up in the ladder, this also is about self-realization of who you are and what you are in the many roles that you get to play. This program is a new beginning for me and for most of my colleagues who have taken the courage, time and effort to enroll. I thank my professors and all the staff at IIMK Kochi for this journey.
Dr S.R Anil - Class of 2018
MD, DCH, DNB(Paed), DNB(Cardiology)
Apollo ADLUX Hospital
MBA Programme (for Working Executives) at Kochi campus nurtures and enhances the managerial capabilities in terms of “Prudent thinking", "understanding business paradigms" deep insights into "outcome based decision making process "when decision criteria are not visible or known to me. This prepares me to face uncertainties that always surround us much more confidently ever before. This course in my view is an excellent opportunity for young and experienced professionals to hone the managerial skills and achieve excellence in professional life.
S V Venkataramanan - Class of 2017
Principal Consultant
Tata Consultancy Services

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