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Bloomberg/EIKON Terminals

What is the Bloomberg Professional Service?

The Bloomberg Professional Service is a research tool for financial professionals as well as business academics who require in depth and timely access to current business and company news, and financial and economic data.

How can I access the Bloomberg Professional Service at IIMK Library?

The Bloomberg Professional Service is now available at Bloomberg Terminal (Discussion Room 1) in the Library.

Bloomberg Tutorials

  1. Getting started with the Bloomberg
  2. Getting started on the Bloomberg Terminal.
  3. How to create a Bloomberg Login
  4. How to use the Bloomberg Terminal


Thomson Reuters Eikon provides easy access to trusted news, data, and analytics, all filtered by relevance and displayed in a highly visual way that's easy to grasp and act on. Content and features include: StarMine financial modeling; Datastream macroeconomic analysis; Access 1.7m private company profiles; Superior emerging markets coverage; Unbiased news and analytics; Industry-leading fundamentals; 40+ years' Estimates experience; Social Media Sentiment Monitor

How can I access the Thomson Reuters Eikon Service at IIMK Library?

The Thomson Reuters Eikon is now available at Eikon Terminal (Discussion Room 1) in the Library.


Rules for the usage of BLOOMBERG and EIKON Terminals


  1. Users should sign in the Register/Log Book while collecting the Room Key.
  2. Users should mention specifically the service (Bloomberg / EIKON) they use.
  3. Users should not bring/use Laptops/iPads inside the room.
  4. Users should not tamper with the gadgets/peripherals in the room.
  5. In the event of any loss/damages noticed/occurred, the respective users of the session will be held responsible for the loss/damage of the item/s.
  6. Usage of mobile phones is not permitted inside the room
  7. Users are not permitted to bring their bags into the room. They may be deposited at the Library property counter
  8. Smoking, eating, sleeping and talking loudly are strictly prohibited in the room
  9. Users must replace the materials if it is broken, with the same specification, along with fine.
  10. Users are not allowed to move any furniture from or into the room
  11. Upon leaving, log out from the terminal.
  12. Also, turn off the lights and air conditioner and lock the door & give back the key to the library counter properly.


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