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Title Subject Accn. No
Accounting in decision Accounting V106
Achieving competitive advantage : Managing for organizational effectiveness Organizational Management V27
Achieving competitive advantage: neutralizing Human Resources Management V28
Across the table: Collective bargaining and negotiation Human Resources Management V107
Across the table: negotiations Human Resources Management V108
Activity based management : Pt.1 - Revealing profit opportunities with ABM Business Management V207
Activity based management : Pt.2 - Implementing ABM in your business Human Resources Management V208
All the right moves: a case study in product strategy Marketing Management V41
Application of regression Statistics V109
Arvari Environmental Science V266
Balance sheet Accounting V7
Balanced score card : Managing future performance Human Resources Management V214
Bandits and the backhanders Environmental Science V264
Bank reconciliation statement Accounting V110
Benchmarking for continuous improvement Strategic Management V209
Boston fights drugs Research and Development V254
Breaking down the great wall: a case study Marketing Management V34
Breaking through the clutter: a case study Marketing Management V38
Business and government: the emerging scenario Business Management V112
Business definition : A crucial part of a business plan Business Management V95
Business Environment Business Management V111
Business of management : Building commitment and motivation Business Management V71
Business of management : Communicating Business Management V61
Business of management : Control and organizational Behaviour Business Management V77
Business of management : Controlling Business Management V74
Business of management : Decision making Business Management V64
Business of management : Financial methods of control Business Management V75
Business of management : Historical perspectives Business Management V59
Business of management : Human resource management Business Management V70
Business of management : Influence, power and authority Business Management V66
Business of management : Informal organization Planning V67
Business of management : Managerial stress Business Management V79
Business of management : Managerial world Business Management V58
Business of management : Managing change Business Management V78
Business of management : Managing for productivity Quality Management V82
Business of management : Organisational conflict Business Management V73
Business of management : Organizational communication Organizational Management V68
Business of management : Planning and management process Project Management V62
Business of management : Planning environment Project Management V90
Business of management : Planning technique Project Management V63
Business of management : Production and general control Business Management V76
Business of management : Productivity dilemma Quality Management V81
Business of management : Staffing Personnel Management V69
Business of management : Styles of leadership Business Management V72
Business of management : Survival and advancement Business Management V80
Business of management : Working unit Business Management V65
Business of management : You as a manager Business Management V60
Business of management : You want it when? Business Management V25
Celebrate What's Right with the world V231
Choice of media in advertising Marketing Management V113
Clean your Act Environmental Science V273
Coming of age: a case study in new products / brands Marketing Management V42
Communication : The Company Grape Wine Management Gen V220
Competing through manufacturing : Vol.1 - Manufacturing strategy Production Management V105
Competing through manufacturing : Vol.2 - Focus and the manufacturing/marketing match Production Management V103
Competing through manufacturing : Vol.3 - Implementatio Production Management V104
Competitive analysis and strategy Strategic Management V91
Computer risk (Series No. 14) Computer & IT V20
Computerizing accounts (Series No. 11) Computer & IT V17
Computers in business (Series No. 16) Computer & IT V22
Concurrent engineering : Concurrent Engineering Teams (Lecture 4 of 5) Engineering V174
Concurrent engineering : Implementing concurrent Engineering with guide (Lecture 5 of 5) Engineering V175
Concurrent engineering : Introductions (Lecture 1 of 5) Engineering V171
Concurrent engineering : New Product Development and Concurrent Engineering ( Lecture 2 of 5 ) Engineering V172
Concurrent engineering : Quality function development Engineering V173
Conections 2: High Times, Deje Vu, New Harmony, Hot Pickle Science V251
Connection 1 - Count Down; Yesterday Tomarrow and you Science V238
Connection 2 - Revolutions ;Sentimental Journeys ;Getting it Together; Whodunit? Science V249
Connection 2 - Something for Nothing; Echoes of the Past; Photo Finish; Separate Ways Science V250
Connection 2 - The Big Spin; Bright Ideas; Making Waves Science V252
Connection 2 -One word; sign Her; Better than the real thing; Flexible response Science V253
Connections 1 - Distant Voices; Faith in Numbers Science V235
Connections 1 - The long chain; Eat, Drink and Be merry Science V237
Connections 1 - The Trigger effect; Death in the Morning Science V234
Connections 1 - The wheel of Fortune; Thunder in the skies Science V236
Connections 3 - A Special Place; Fire from the Sky Science V242
Connections 3 - Drop the Apple; An Invisible Object Science V240
Connections 3 - Feedback; What's in a Name? Science V239
Connections 3 - Life is No Picnic ; Elementary Stuff Science V241
Connections 3- Hit the Water; In Touch Science V243
Contemporary business Business Management V7645
Corporate policies & practices : A case study in BHEL Planning V114
Creating an organizational climate : A case study in Thermax Planning V115
Creativity in business Business Management V217
Credit Cards Banking V116
Customer focussed operations Human Resources Management V100
Dangerous transactions (Series No. 13) Business Management V19
Decision making Strategic Management V206
Deliverance: a case study in physical distribution Manufacturing V48
Demand Analysis Marketing Management V117
Developing a National Level Advertising Campaign Marketing Management V118
Driving passions: a case study in understanding Marketing Management V37
Effective selling: Emerging Indian marketing environment Marketing Management V119
Entrepreneurs and Enterprise : A case study - Part 1 Entrepreneurship V120
Entrepreneurs and Enterprise : A case study - Part 3 Entrepreneurship V121
Entrepreneurs and Enterprise : A case study - Part 5 Entrepreneurship V122
Eye of the beholder Strategic Management V215
Factory of the future (Series No. 20) Business Management V26
Faecal Attraction Environmental Science V272
Financial management and planning (Series No. 2) Financial Management V8
Globalization of markets : A Canadian perspective International Trade V124
Gold in this hills: a case study in market segmentation Marketing Management V40
Good manufacturing (Series No. 17) Production Management V23
Great expectations: a case study in Marketing, Planning Marketing Management V35
Growth and Business Cycle Business V125
Havest of rain Environmental Science V268
High-performance training series : Leading effective meetings Human Resources Management V190
High-performance training series : Positive partnering - Building bridges with customers Human Resources Management V189
High-performance training series : Process - improvement skills - Rethinking the routine Human Resources Management V191
Historiography Generalia V170
Hotel Management - I Hotel Management V129
Hotel Management - II Hotel Management V130
Hotel Management - III Hotel Management V131
HRD - A scenario Human Resource Dev V126
HRD in Indian organizations Human Resource Dev V127
HRD in select organizations Human Resource Dev V128
Human Resources Human Resource Dev V132
Human Resources Development and employee welfare Human Resource Dev V133
Implementing quality dynamics Strategic Management V98
Indian Socio-economic scenario Economics V123
Information technology & reengineerin Information Technology V101
Information technology in reengineerin Information Technology V32
Institution building Organizational Management V134
International business environment : European community in the 90's International Trade V135
International marketing : Institutional infrastructure for export promotion International Trade V136
Introduction to Marketing : Part I Marketing Management V137
Introduction to Marketing : Part II Marketing Management V138
Itihas ki khoj Me (H) History V169
James Burke: A career in American Business Business Management CD451
Jewels, Jeans and Jogging shoes: a case study Marketing Management V47
Journey to excellence - Pt.1 Human Resources Management V211
Journey to excellence - Pt.2 Human Resources Management V212
Just another oil company: a case study in public Strategic Management V52
Just in time Human Resources Management V200
Kutty Japanin kuzhandaikal (Children of mini Japan) Generalia V188
Leader of the pack: a case study in pricing Marketing Management V54
Life Style Marketing; Sales Display Marketing Management V139
Life under wild life Environmental Science V263
Listening: A key to problem Solving Human Resources Management V221
Management : conducting Effective Meetings Human Resources Management V222
Management accounting and decision-making Business Management V9
Management classics Human Resources Management V213
Management control systems. Part I & II Human Resources Management V141
Management Information Systems MIS V140
Management of innovation Human Resources Management V93
Management of technology: implementation Strategic Management V142
Management of technology: problems & perspectives Human Resources Management V143
Management revolution and corporate reinvention. Part.1 Human Resources Management V193
Management revolution and corporate reinvention. Part.2 Human Resources Management V194
Managerial challenges in 90's part 1 & 2 Management V144
Managing communication in a multicultural world Human Resources Management V218
Managing creativity Human Resources Management V96
Managing projects Entrepreneurship V210
Managing quality dynamics Strategic Management V99
Manufacturing strategy Production Management V102
Market economics and planned economics Marketing Management V145
Marketing Marketing Management V146
Marketing : Prophesy Marketing Management V36
Marketing and information technology (series no.6) Marketing Management V12
Marketing approach : Marketing in action Marketing Management V147
Marketing management Marketing Management V148
Marketing planning and strategy : Segmentation and Positioning for Higher Growth and Profits Marketing Management V224
Marketing strategy Marketing Management V149
Marketing: Because it's there Marketing Management V46
Materials management Commerce V150
Mean sea level Environmental Science V274
Memorandum of Understanding - Part I Planning V151
Memorandum of Understanding - Part II Planning V152
Mergers and acquisitions Organizational Management V94
Michael Porter on Competitive Strategy Pt 1 Strategic Management V204
Michel porter on competitive strategies tape 2 Strategic management V205
Movers and shakers: the art and science of marketing Marketing Management V57
Nature of business and need for accounts Accounting V153
Network for competitive advantage (Sereis No. 18) Business Management V24
New Product Launch; Consumer Behaviour Corporate Studies V154
Nice idea, what about the finance? Strategic Management V14
OD and Business effectiveness Personnel Management V155
Off and running: a case study in promotional strategy Marketing Management V51
One Minute Manager V232
Organization and development Organizational Devt V156
Packaging : A Tool for Market Cultivation Marketing Management V157
Parable of a Sadhu Generalia V226
parkinson's Law and the peter principles Business Management V158
People on market : Cost Marketing Management V83
People on market : Demand Marketing Management V84
People on market : Market clearing price Marketing Management V85
People on market : Property rights and pollution Marketing Management V86
People on market : Scarcity and planning Marketing Management V87
People on market : Supply Marketing Management V88
People on market : Wages and production Marketing Management V89
Planning and control of projects Entrepreneurship V159
Policies & institutions of small scale industry Human Resource Development V160
Polishing the apple: a case study in promotion Marketing Management V49
Power of vision Management V259
Probability applications Statistics V161
Problem solving / Communication process Human Resources Management V162
Problem solving : a case study Organizational behaviour V202
Problem solving : Basic principles Strategic Management V203
Problem solving : Case study Strategic Management V202
Product design (Series No. 4) Business Management V10
Project appraisal Entrepreneurship V163
Project management Entrepreneurship V97
Project Management by Daniel Muzyka Project Management V31
Quality circles (Series No. 12) Strategic Management V18
Race to save the planet. V1. Environmental revolution Environmental Science V176
Race to save the planet. V10. Now or never Environmental Science V185
Race to save the planet. V2. Only one atmosphere Environmental Science V177
Race to save the planet. V3.Do you really want to live this way Environmental Science V178
Race to save the planet. V4. In the name of progress Environmental Science V179
Race to save the planet. V5. Remnants of Eden Environmental Science V180
Race to save the planet. V6. More for less Environmental Science V181
Race to save the planet. V7. Save the earth - feed the world Environmental Science V182
Race to save the planet. V8. Waste no Environmental Science V183
Race to save the planet. V9. It needs political decision Environment V184
Reengineering the business. Part. 1. Introduction Strategic Management V197
Reengineering the business. Part. 2. Making reengineering Works Strategic Management V198
Reengineering the business. Part. 3. Reengineering in Action Strategic Management V199
Secrets of money; Money that doesn; currency; paper security Economics V164
Skyfox: a case study in industrial markets Marketing Management V39
Smog Inc Environmental Science V265
Straight Talking; The art of Assertiveness Business Management V223
Strategic cost management By Tony Hope Strategic Management V92
Strategic cost management with guide Strategic management V192
Strategic marketing Marketing Management V225
Stress as a motor for corporate success - coping with the stress of your team Psychology V30
Stress: friend and foe - coping with stress as a manager Psychology V29
TESCO promise (Series No. 15) Business Management V21
Testing the waters: a case study in service strategy Strategic Management V43
Thar: Secrets of the desert Environmental Science V270
The blue Movie: How to spark Creativ Business V216
The day of the Universe changed Science V247
The fastest game in town: a case study in advertising Marketing Management V50
The fresh connection: a case study in wholesaling Marketing Management V45
The green machine: a case study in nonprofit marketing Marketing Management V56
The living world Environmental Science V261
The manufacturer's Promise Business management V16
The Market Marketing Management V165
The Mastery of speaking as a leader Business Management V219
The packaging design process - from dream to reality Business Management V15
The Rain Catchers Environmental Science V271
The road to success: a case study in marketing decision Marketing Management V33
The spirits of forest Environmental Science V262
The Village republic Environmental Science V269
The working of stock exchange Financial Management V166
Thriving on chaos : Handbook for a management revolutio Hotel Management V186
Tis the seasoning: a case study in selling International Trade V53
Tom Peters experience. Part. 1 Human Resources Management V195
Tom Peters experience. Part. 2 Human Resources Management V196
Tom Peters seminar - Crazy times call for crazy Organizations Human Resources Management V187
Total control (Series No. 5) Business V11
Total quality management and information technology(series 7) Computer & IT V13
Turnaround Strategy - Back from the Brink Human Resources Management V167
Twenty steps to better management: solving problems and thinking creativity guide Management V201
UNCTAD, GATT, OECD and Embargo & Boycott k Human Resources Management v168
Water works India Environmental Science V267
What makes Amos famous: a case study in channel Marketing Management V44
What the market will bear: Great moments in pricing Marketing Management V55
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