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Library Collection Development Policy of IIMK 

  1. Collection development and procurement of learning resources constitute one of the primary responsibilities of the library and with the active support and advice of the Library Committee, the library make systematic efforts in building up the collection by identifying, evaluating, selecting, processing and making it available to the users.

  2. Whether it is a book (print or electronic), journal (print or electronic), audio-visual material or an online database, any learning resource that gets added goes through a rigorous selection process. Since the collection building process requires huge sums of money and has long-lasting repercussions, it is imperative that IIMK has a well thought out collection development policy in place.

  3. Collection development of library resources at IIMK is basically a patron driven activity, or to be more precise, a faculty driven process. Students (both PG as well as research), staff members and the Library also recommend books and other knowledge resources as may be needed.

  4. Ideally, the allotted budget for procurement of books, journals and databases is assured an equitable distribution among all the academic areas of the institute, viz.,  Economics; Finance, Accounting & Control; Humanities & Liberal Arts in Management; Information Technology & Systems; Marketing Management; Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources; Quantitative Methods and Operations Management; and Strategic Management.  Areas would be informed formally the annual budget availability and individual faculty members’ recommendations for the library resources may be discussed in the area and forward to the Library for necessary action. Areas requiring specific resources over and above the regular annual budget may send the request to the Chairperson, Library Committee.

  5. Users can make new recommendations to the library through the Online Indent facility, available in the library portal. They can also download the library indent forms from the library portal online, and forward the forms after duly signing them. Indents made by students (both PG as well as research) are to be routed through a faculty of the respective area.   

  6. Titles and products recommended, after verification for its availability in the Library, are submitted for recommendation of the Library Committee and for approval of the Director. The Library Committee may seek the recommendation of the respective areas as the case may be. Approved lists of titles and other resources are being sourced in the library through a set of authorized publishers, agents, agencies and vendors. The library takes diligent measures in the timely supply of the ordered items.

  7. Books/Items are ordered with empaneled publishers/vendors/agents based on rotation, and service performance. Click here to see the list of active publishers/vendors/agents.
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