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Discussion Rooms


Rules for the usage of Ideation Lab / Discussion Rooms

    1. Ideation Lab / Discussion rooms are allotted only for the purpose of academic activities;
    2. The Ideation Lab / Discussion room allotment is limited to a minimum of 3 persons and maximum of 6 persons at a time;
    3. Name of all the Group Members along with roll numbers should be specified;
    4. If the group is unable to occupy the lab/ room, they should cancel at least 30mts in advance;
    5. If a group is not occupying the lab/ room within 15mts from the time of allotment, the room will be allotted to the backup group, who were in the waitlist;
    6. The defaulted group members will not be able to book the Ideation Lab / Discussion Room for the  coming 10 Days;
    7. Advance booking for the Ideation Lab / Discussion room is limited to 5 days;
    8. Usage of mobile phones is not permitted inside the lab/ room;
    9. Users are not permitted to bring their bags into the lab/room. They may be deposited at the Library property counter;
    10. Smoking, eating, sleeping and talking loudly are strictly prohibited in the lab/room;
    11. Prior permission is necessary for the usage of Ideation Lab / discussion rooms;
    12. Users must replace the materials if it broken, with the same specification, along with fine;
    13. Advance online reservation/booking is available for users;
    14. Users are not allowed to move any furniture from or into the lab/ room
    15. Upon leaving, turn off the lights and air conditioner and lock the door & give back the key to the library counter properly.


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